Disconnect to Reconnect: Rediscovering Romance at Hyatt Zilara Cancun

By Kayt Myers June 4, 2024

It's hard not to feel constantly plugged in in the digital age. Our minds are bombarded with endless stimulation, our attention spans are getting shorter, and FOMO makes us want to stay online all day. This lifestyle takes its toll on us, but what indeed suffers is our relationships.

Technology offers the illusion of intimacy. Because social media makes the whole world feel like it's just a tap away, we can quickly lose sight of what's real. That's why a social media sabbatical and a detox from electronics are both rewarding for you and essential for your relationship. It's all about reclaiming genuine connection and rediscovering how gratifying it is to be present with your partner. By disconnecting from the digital world, you can focus on each other, deepen your bond, and create lasting memories. Finding a place where the digital world melts away and true togetherness thrives can be challenging, but it's a journey worth taking.

Hyatt Zilara Cancun hosted the writer and her husband to help facilitate this review. All opinions are her own.

Step into the exclusive world of Hyatt Zilara Cancun, an adults-only resort nestled along the pristine shores of Mexico's Caribbean coast. Here, beneath the swaying palms, couples are not just invited, but welcomed, to disconnect from mundane distractions and reconnect with each other authentically.

In Cancun, tranquility and serenity envelopes you and your partner. At Hyatt Zilara Cancun, escape is an art. With only smiles and relaxation on the agenda, togetherness is as inevitable as sunshine.

So, you want to reconnect with your partner but you're not sure how to go about it? Here are some tips that worked for me during my stay:

Embrace analog activities: Leave the screens in your suitcase and indulge in old-fashioned fun. Card games, reading together, and even enjoying each other's company in silence are excellent ways to enjoy some downtime together. If you're looking for something more hands-on, Hyatt Zilara Cancun offers numerous activities to enjoy with your partner. Learn to converse like a local by taking a Spanish class or take home some new recipes with a cocktail mixology class; they even offer a couples' massage class to maximize relaxation. All these and more are available at the resort, designed with intimacy and connection-fostering in mind.

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Engage your senses: Rather than scrolling aimlessly on social media, focus your attention on the world around you by using all your senses. Feeling grounded in each experience will help you get the most out of your stay and make you feel more connected with your partner than ever. Stroll along the beach, enjoying the warm sand beneath your feet. Or treat yourself to a private dinner at one of the resort's exquisite restaurants, where you can appreciate delicious cuisine together. (The food at Hyatt Zilara Cancun is the best I have ever had at an all-inclusive resort.) Or learn the art of making the perfect accompaniment to your favorite tortilla chips with the resort's guacamole-making class.

Disconnect with intent: Hide distracting apps or remove them from your phone altogether. Schedule specific times to check your social media. You'll want to post pictures of the views, but you won't want them to impede your relaxation. When you feel that urge to reach for your phone, use that time to engage with your partner instead. If catching up with kids and family back home is important, schedule time for that too. Pre-arranged 15-minute calls or video chats will help kids and caregivers feel your love and help you relax knowing all is well.

Remember, it's okay to feel nervous about unplugging. Imagining a day without checking my email felt foreign to me, too. Do not worry; Hyatt Zilara Cancun makes it easier than you would think.

During my stay with my husband, Liam, we immersed ourselves in a new world of connection and romance. We laughed as we attended Spanish class, me brushing up from my high school Spanish class years and watching Liam fight a losing battle with rolling R's. Bonding over guacamole-making with the freshest avocados I'd ever tasted allowed us to embrace the culture and get our hands a little messy at the same time. We experienced moments of bliss in the couples' massage class and learned some techniques we could bring home. Basking in the glow of candlelight, Liam and I even enjoyed a private dinner at the Japanese restaurant at the resort, where we savored each bite and shared in the beauty of every moment.

But perhaps the most memorable moments were those spent simply being together, whether lounging by the infinity pool overlooking the ocean (the resort has the best views from the rooms and the pools) or walking hand-in-hand with our flip-flops in the powdery white sand. At Hyatt Zilara Cancun, every corner of the resort is designed to promote intimacy and connection, from the luxurious amenities to the breathtaking views that serve as the backdrop for unforgettable moments.

In a world where digital distractions dominate, Hyatt Zilara Cancun offers couples a sanctuary - a place where you can disconnect from the noise of the everyday and reconnect with each other in the most meaningful way possible. So why wait? Ditch the digital distractions and rekindle the romance at Hyatt Zilara Cancun. Your relationship will thank you for it.

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